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RazzMatazz Planting video

RazzMatazz is vibrant, versatile and delightfully delicious! This easy to grow muscadine can be grown almost anywhere - on fences, in flower beds, hanging baskets or patio planters. The plants relish acidic soils and require a trellis or some other support structure to climb on. They're easy to sow and to care for - put them into the ground in a sunny site, with the roots just under the soil surface, water well after planting and regularly during the growing season and you'll enjoy excellent yields year after year!


RazzMatazz can be established in a wide variety of locations - from fence, rows and flower beds to patio planters and even beautiful hanging baskets. Plus, with continuously fruiting shoots, you'll enjoy a display of colorful decadent fruit wherever you plant. For in-ground applications, be sure to select a site that gets full sun and then work the soil a little, adding compost if it's compact or heavy clay. Next, place your plant in ground so the roots are just below the soil. You'll also want to add a trellis so the plant can properly vine upwards and then water in liberally. Here's a tip - in our trials, we found RazzMatazz excels in more acidic soil. Using a 50/50 mix of pine chips and soil or an acid loving plants fertilizer will create the ideal pH. You can mulch heavily with pine needles as an alternative. Planting for containers and hanging baskets is mostly the same. Just be sure to water containers every day for at least two weeks after planting and a minimum of every other day after that if your climate isn't seeing much rain. Try this grape and you'll enjoy the world's first continuously fruiting muscadine with a flavor our team can't stop talking about.


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