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Garlic Bulbs

Discover the exquisite flavor potential and simplicity of growing garlic bulbs, a cherished choice for gardeners. Gurney's offers a diverse range of premium garlic bulbs for sale, tailored for effortless planting and cultivation. Delve into our assortment of distinct garlic seed varieties, ensuring the taste you desire. Uncover invaluable insights and planting tips using our zone finder tool, ensuring a successful yield of flavorful garlic from your chosen bulbs.

Enjoy Premium Garlic Bulbs for Planting from Gurney's

Garlic is one of the easiest and most rewarding crops to grow in the garden. It takes up little space and requires little maintenance--and your reward is zesty, complex flavors and varieties that you won't find at just any grocery store. Gurney's has provided generations of gardeners with garlic bulbs and offers a wide selection of garlic bulbs for sale. We grow garlic seeds in our test gardens and only offer the top varieties in terms of taste and garden performance.

Choosing the Right Garlic Bulbs to Plant

Want to buy garlic bulbs, but aren't sure where to start? Here are some basics about selecting garlic for the garden. Choose from two different types of garlic: hardneck and softneck. Hardneck has a central stalk or scape and performs best in northern climates. Softneck performs best in southern regions, is best for braiding and produces more cloves than hardneck varieties. Garlic bulb flavors can range from mild to zesty to fiery--and many gardeners like to grow several different varieties.

Getting Started with Garlic Bulbs

While some gardeners start garlic from seeds, Gurney's offers plump, garlic bulbs for sale and delivers them right to your door. Before buying garlic bulbs, determine where you plan to plant them.

How to Plant Garlic Bulbs

In most areas of the country, garlic is planted into the garden or raised bed.

How To Plant Garlic Bulbs Indoors

While garlic can be grown indoors, it will not form the large bulbs that it does when grown in the garden and experiencing the chilling temperatures. If you grow garlic in pots indoors, you'll likely get green shoots that are milder than garlic cloves. Not only will they brighten the indoors, they add a wonderfully mild, garlicky flavor to recipes. When planting garlic indoors, just add several cloves to a pot filled with potting soil and water. Green shoots will appear within a week or two. The shoots can be trimmed and added to recipes.

How To Plant Garlic In The Fall

Make sure the soil is loose. If needed, work aged compost into the soil. Plant garlic in rows; plant one clove about every six inches and about 2 inches deep. Covering the garlic with a layer of straw protects the bulbs over winter and also suppresses early season weeds.

When to Plant Garlic Bulbs

Garlic is usually planted in the fall after the first frost. Garlic can also be planted in early spring.

When to Harvest Garlic Bulbs

Garlic bulbs are harvested in the summer when the lower leaves start to brown. After digging up the garlic bulbs, allow them to cure for three or four weeks in a warm, airy location. Garlic bulbs should be stored in a cool, dry place.


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