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Growing a gorgeous lilac bush starts with selecting the right variety and planting healthy plants. At Gurney's, we're gardeners and have a long history of selecting the best varieties for home gardeners and then delivering them to our customers. Lilac bushes for sale from Gurney's offer some of the best genetics for fragrant blooms, lush foliage and ease of growing. We take care to offer healthy plants that will perform beautifully for home gardeners.

Lilacs from Gurney's

Choosing the Right Lilac Bushes & Shrubs

When selecting the right lilac bush for your yard or garden, keep a few things in mind. First, lilacs grow best in locations that receive plenty of direct sunlight and in soils that are well drained. Next, select lilac varieties that grow in your grow zone. Because they're cold hardy plants, some lilac varieties do not perform well in the South. You'll also want to consider how you plan to use your lilac. Lilacs can be planted as a single bush or grouped together to form an informal, flowering hedge. Choose a lilac bush that will mature to the right size. Some can grow up to 15 ft. tall or taller--while others are dwarf varieties. Finally, consider the flower colors. Thanks to modern breeding efforts, colors other than purple are now available.

Lilacs: Getting the Most out of Your Purchase

With a little planning and proper planting, your lilac bush should provide beautiful blooms, fragrance and foliage for years. The key is to properly site and plant your lilac. Once growing, lilac bushes are low maintenance shrubs and may only require a light pruning every few years.

Planting Lilacs

Planting lilac bushes is like planting most shrubs. You must select a proper site, dig a hole large enough to accommodate its roots and water it regularly.

How to Plant Lilac Bushes

If planting a bareroot lilac bush, soak the roots in water for about 15 minutes. Whether planting a bareroot or potted lilac bush, dig a hole that is wide and deep enough to accommodate the plant's roots. Fill in around the roots with soil that is rich in organic matter.

When to Plant Lilac Bushes

Lilac bushes can be planted in either the spring or the fall. If planted in the spring, make sure to water the bush about once a week throughout the summer.

Where to Plant Lilac Bushes

Selecting an adequate site for your lilac bush is important. Lilacs need direct sunlight (at least six hours per day) and well-drained soil. Make sure your lilac has enough room to grow without being crowded by other shrubs or trees. Avoid planting under the drip line of a roof or under overhangs as well as too close to a foundation.

How to Grow and Care for Lilacs

Lilac bushes are easy-care shrubs. In the spring, spread a slow-release fertilizer along the drip line of the bush. Some gardeners also remove spent blooms. Lilacs do prefer good air circulation, so you'll want to provide the bushes with plenty of space.

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