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Blueberry Echo Video

Blueberry Echo is disease resistant, easy to grow and provides two crops in a year - first in June-July, then again in September-October! The vigorous plants look pretty in the landscape and are fairly easy to care for. For optimal results, grow your blueberry plants in Gurney's Blueberry Success Mix - an organic, nutrient rich media with slow release formula that provides for all of the plants' growing needs, ensuring they turn out to be as healthy and productive as possible.


Hey, are you thinking about growing some fruit? Well, blueberries are a great way to start. They're easy to grow, disease resistant, they're a pretty tough plant! Well, before, you'd get a crop in June and July, once crop, you'd enjoy all of that and then you'd be left hanging. Well, now, we have Echo here. It's a groundbreaking new variety and not only one crop in June and July, but you get a second crop in September and October. Twice the crop, one growing season, one plant! And you look at this one, next to me here, that's the old blueberry variety. Nothing to harvest right now and we're in the fall. But here, Echo's got blueberries you can enjoy. We've pulled a lot off of it. It looks great! The other part about blueberries is the media. What do I put this plant in when I get it? Well, we took care of all that for you with our Blueberry Success mix. It's organic, it has all the nutrients, they're slow release, you put that in the pot with your plant and you're done, ready to go. Jut some watering through the season, enjoying the harvest! I hope you'll try one, good luck starting, hope to see you again.


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