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Southern Grove Cucumbers

Zones 7-10

Cucumbers are a true mark of summer, and these plants are deliciously rewarding and easy to grow. Even in the warm Zones 7, 8 and 9, you can stay cool as a cucumber in summer with both pickling and slicing cukes. Cucumbers that are well-suited for growing in the southern regions of the United States include various heat-tolerant and disease-resistant varieties. Diva cucumbers are popular in the South due to their resistance to many common cucumber diseases. They have a sweet and crisp flavor and are often used in salads or eaten fresh. Sweet Success cucumbers are a seedless variety that performs well in warm climates. They have a sweet flavor and are often enjoyed fresh or in salads. Or, try a patio variety like Patio Snacker for a whole new take on growing cucumbers!

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