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Parfum de Bloom Flower Seeds

Our Parfum de Bloom series features varieties that are reliably, powerfully and delightfully fragrant. Choose from varieties that can be grown in containers, make great cut flowers and bloom at various times throughout the year. They're a great way to enhance your garden, patios and decks with delightful fragrance.

Fragrance in the Garden

Fragrant plants enhance your garden in subtle and delightful ways. A sweet floral perfume wafting on the evening air may bring feelings of calm and relaxation. Intoxicating aromas of flowers may evoke childhood memories of time spent with parents or grandparents. Floral fragrance is a delightful and welcoming way to greet guests and visitors. Fragrant plants are way to turn good gardens into great ones.

What are Parfum de Bloom™ Plants?

Our Parfum de Bloom™ series includes varieties that we've found to be reliably, powerfully and delightfully fragrant. When you choose a variety from the Parfum de Bloom™ series you can on it perfuming the air.

Tips for Enhancing the Garden with Fragrant Plants

When selecting plants for the fragrant garden keep these tips in mind.

Choose various bloom times. When selecting fragrant flowers, pay attention to the season when they bloom and choose several different varieties so that you have fragrance from spring to fall.

Select some with fragrant foliage. Some varieties in our Parfum de Bloom™ series have fragrant flowers, while others have fragrant foliage. Many gardeners place plants with fragrant foliage near walkways, patios or decks where passersby may brush against them, releasing the plants' sweet perfume.

Plant some in containers. Many varieties in our Parfum de Bloom™ series are suitable for planting in patio pots, window boxes and other containers. Placing these plants on a porch or patio is a great way to create a relaxing space for reading or eating--or as a way to welcome guests.

Consider planting in groups. Planting several of the same variety in small or large groups is a way to enhance the scent and to create a bigger impact.

Bring the fragrance indoors. Some varieties in our Parfum de Bloom™ series also make excellent cut flowers and can perfume a room with their fragrance.

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