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Pea Seeds

One of the first vegetables to plant in the spring, peas are easy to grow, sweet and flavorful. At Gurney's, we're always on the lookout for the best snow pea seeds, snap pea seeds and shell pea seeds for home gardeners. We grow many pea varieties in our test gardens, and the pea seeds for sale represent the best varieties in terms of flavor, garden performance and yields.

Pea Seeds for Sale by Gurney's

Choosing the Right Pea Varieties

When choosing pea seeds for sale, you can choose between shell pea seeds, snow pea seeds and snap pea seeds. Shell peas, also called English or garden peas, are grown for the peas or seeds, not the pods. Snow pea are eaten for the pods and harvested when the pods are flat. Snap peas are a cross between the snow pea and the garden pea. Usually the pods and immature peas are eaten raw or sautéed.

When selecting pea varieties for your garden, keep in mind that most pea varieties grow tall and need a trellis or fence to support the vines. If you have a small space, choose a compact variety with small vines. Also, some pea plants are quite ornamental with colorful tendrils, blossoms and pods. If growing peas in the ornamental landscape, these pea varieties are a good choice.

Getting Started with Pea Seeds

Peas are a cool season crop and usually planted in the spring. They can also be grown as a fall crop. Peas do not like hot weather and will stop producing when the temperatures get hot. Therefore, plan to sow pea seeds in early spring. Like other vegetables, peas like well-drained soil that's rich in organic matter and full sun.

How To Plant Pea Seeds -

Plant pea seeds according to the pea seek package label. Generally, pea seeds are planted about 1-1 1/2 inch deep and about 6 inches apart.

When To Plant Pea Seeds -

Pea seeds should be planted in the spring when the soil has thawed and is workable. This is usually several weeks before the last frost day in spring. To extend the pea harvest season, plant pea seeds every week for several weeks.

When To Start Pea Seeds Indoors -

If starting pea seeds indoors, start them about 6-8 weeks before the last frost date in your area. To learn more about seed starting indoors, visit How To Start Vegetable Seeds Indoors.

How To Harvest Peas -

If harvesting garden or shell peas, pick them when the peas inside have reached their full size. Don't delay harvesting, as the pea quality declines quickly after they reach maturity. If harvesting snow peas, pick when the pods are the approximate length described on the seed packet. Snap peas should be picked when the pods are almost filled with peas.

How To Care For Pea Plants -

Unless the spring is dry, you probably won't have to water your pea plants. Mulching, though, will suppress weeds.


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