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Kohlrabi Seeds

A member of the cabbage family, kohlrabi has a crisp texture and mild, sweet flavor. German for cabbage-turnip, kohlrabi can be eaten raw or cooked into stir-fries, soups and other recipes. Its leaves can be used, much like you'd use kale. Direct sow kohlrabi seeds in early spring and again in late summer for a fall harvest.

Kohlrabi Seeds for Sale by Gurney's

At Gurney's, we have a long history of supplying quality seeds and plants to home gardeners. Kohlrabi is a member of the cabbage family known for its crisp texture and mild, sweet flavor. We grow kohlrabi in our test gardens and select the most flavorful varieties that also perform well in the garden. When you buy kohlrabi seeds from Gurney's, you know you're getting some of the best varieties available.

Choosing the Right Kohlrabi Seeds For Your Garden

When selecting kohlrabi seed to grow, consider the days to maturity. Because it's a cool-season crop, early maturing varieties, such as Early White Vienna, are popular because they mature before the summer heat arrives. Our Sweetie Hybrid Mixed is a great option for those looking for color--as it includes green and purple varieties. Kossak Hybrid can grow up to 10 lbs. while maintaining its sweet flavor, making it a favorite for kohlrabi lovers.

Getting Started with Kohlrabi Plants

Kohlrabi is a member of the cabbage family and has many of the same growing needs. A cool-season vegetable, it can be grown in the spring or fall garden.

How to Plant Kohlrabi Seeds?

Sow kohlrabi seed 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep and 4-6 inches apart. Space rows 18-36 inches apart. Kohlrabi grows best in full sun and in well-drained soil.

When to Plant Kohlrabi?

Kohlrabi can be planted in the spring when soil temperatures reach at least 45 degrees. To extend the harvest, sow seeds every two weeks. Kohlrabi can also be planted in late summer to early fall. Kohlrabi grows best when the air temperature is 65-75 degrees.

When to Plant Indoors?

Kohlrabi can also be started indoors 4-6 weeks before transplanting to the garden. Because seeds will germinate at lower temperatures, no heat mat is needed when starting kohlrabi seeds indoors. Keep the temperatures cool, between 60 and 70 degrees.

How Long Do Kohlrabi Seeds Take to Germinate?

Kohlrabi seeds typically germinate 3-10 days after sowing.

When and How to Harvest Kohlrabi?

Most kohlrabi varieties have the best flavor and texture when harvested at 2-3 inches in width. In the fall, when temperatures are cooler, kohlrabi can grow a bit larger without losing its quality. To harvest kohlrabi, use a sharp knife to cut the root from the bulb.

How Long Does Kohlrabi Keep After Harvesting?

Kohlrabi can be stored in the refrigerator for about two weeks after harvest.


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