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Southern Grove Shade Perennials

Zones 7-10

Some shade perennials wilt in hot weather—but not these selections. Our Southern Grove Gardens collection provides gardeners in Zones 7 through 10 with lots of options for beautifying the garden in sun or shade. Abdm several shade perennials can thrive in hot weather, providing an attractive and lush environment in shaded areas. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Hostas are shade-loving plants with a wide variety of leaf shapes, colors, and sizes. Many hosta varieties can tolerate heat and provide attractive foliage throughout the summer.
  • Heucheras, also known as coral bells, are shade perennials with vibrant, colorful foliage. They can handle heat and provide visual interest with their attractive leaves.
  • Bleeding hearts are shade-loving perennials with delicate, heart-shaped flowers. While they typically prefer cooler temperatures, some varieties love hot climates.
  • Many fern varieties, such as Japanese Painted Fern can tolerate heat while adding a lush and elegant look to shaded gardens.
  • Astilbes produce feathery plumes of flowers in shades of pink, red, white, and lavender. They prefer partial shade, but can handle heat if provided with adequate moisture.

Remember that even shade-loving plants may require some sunlight, so it's essential to consider the specific lighting conditions in your garden and choose varieties that suit your particular microclimate. Providing proper soil moisture and mulching around the plants can also help them withstand hot weather conditions.


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