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Grape Vines & Plants

Self-pollinating and vigorous, grape vines have been known to produce excellent crops for well over 30 years! Browse our selection of grape vines for sale and find your favorite. Choose from red, white, pink and purple grapes. We promise you'll love our grape plant varieties because we've proudly tested and trialed all of them right here at the Gurney's Farm.

Try our wonderful new variety, RazzMatazz™. After 20 years of research, it's the world's first continual fruiting grape! For Southern home grape growers, we offer an expanded group of Muscadine grape vines, including the Supreme, Tara, Black Fry, Summit and RazzMatazz™ grape.

How to Prune Grape Vines

Pruning grape vines keeps the plants healthy and promotes good yields of quality fruits. During the first year after planting, allow the main stems to grow and train the grape vine on a trellis or support. After the first year, prune grape vines annually during the winter when the grape plants are dormant. Supplies, such as pruners and gloves, are recommended. When pruning grape vines, cut back canes that have borne fruit. Remove old canes and leave four new canes. Cut back new canes to 6-8 inches and 3 or 4 buds.

How to Plant Grape Vines

When buying grape vine for sale, select varieties that are suitable for your grow zone. When to plant grape vines is often recommended in the spring. While grape vines can be planted in the spring or fall, planting grape vines in the spring gives them time to establish their roots.

If planting bare roots, soak the roots in water for 3-4 hours before planting. Grape vines thrive in a sunny location with fertile, well-drained soil. Choose a location that offers protection from wind and late frost. If growing multiple grape vines, plant the vines east/west to reduce the shade cast by the trellis.

Before planting, work compost into the soil. Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the roots when they are spread out. Fill in soil around the roots. Grape plants should be spaced 8 feet apart in rows 10 feet apart.

How to Grow Grape Vines

After planting, follow these tips to successfully grow grape vines.

  • Water the vines regularly during the first year after planting.
  • Keep the area around the vine free of weeds. Because mulch may keep the soil temperature too cool, it's often not recommended.
  • Make sure your vines are not overcrowded and receive plenty of air circulation.
  • Apply compost around the base of the vine in the spring.

How to Care for Grape Vines

Here are some tips for how to care for grape vines.

  • Provide grape vines with a support and train grape vines to a trellis or support.
  • Prune grape vines annually.
  • Remove fallen fruit and leaves from around the vines.
  • Inspect the grape plants regularly for signs of insect damage or disease.
  • Netting can be used to protect the fruits from birds.

How to Train Grape Vines

Training grape vines to a trellis or support helps ensure the grape vines receive plenty of sunlight and air circulation. Gardeners can choose several different methods to train grape vines. The method used depends on the grape cultivar you are growing, and sometimes, personal preference. Before starting, make sure you have the gardening aids that you need.

Two popular grape vine training methods are the cane pruned (4-cane, single trunk, Kniffin system) and spur pruned (bilateral high cordon system).

The Kniffin system, often used for vigorous or trailing varieties, uses two wires, one at 3 feet and one at 5 feet. During the first year, tie the trunk to the top wire. During the second year, select four vigorous canes for the arms, two for the top wire and two for the bottom wire.

The bilateral high cordon system is used for trailing vines or ones with a downward growth habit. This system uses a wire at 5 to 6 feet above the ground to support the cordons. Secure the vine to a stake until it grows tall enough to reach the wire (this may take one or two years). Select two shoots that grow near the wire and train them to the wire.

How to Transplant Grape Vines

Transplanting grape vines should be done when the grape plants are young. When the grape vine is dormant, dig up the root system. Transplant the grape vine to a sunny location with fertile, well-drained soil. Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the roots. Place the vine in the hole and fill in with soil. Water well.


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