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Since 1866, generations of home gardeners have relied on Gurney's.

The horticultural experts at Gurney's regularly seek out vegetables and fruits that combine taste with disease resistance, yield and ease of planting. Some of Gurney's popular exclusive home gardening produce varieties, available only to Gurney's customers, include Gurney's Gotta Have It Sweet Corn, Gurney's Perfect Pickle Hybrid Cucumber, Gurney's Pride Improved Hybrid Zucchini and Gurney's Girl's Best Hybrid Tomato. Our exclusive varieties are trialed and tested right here at our own Gurney's Farm to ensure peak performance for the home garden.

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At Gurney's we test every product we sell in our own trial gardens. Here you'll find some of our favorites that performed year-after-year with superb quality and flavor.
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Gurney Girl's Best Hybrid Tomato

Gurney Girl's Best Hybrid Tomato

Our Favorite All-Around Tomato!


Gurney's® Premium Lettuce Seed Blend

Gurney's® Premium Lettuce Seed Blend

Colorful Blend of Various Textures and Shapes



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