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Southern Grove Lettuce

Zones 7-10

If you're a lettuce lover in Zones 7 through 10, consider yourself lucky. In your state's mild to warm climates, several lettuce varieties can be grown successfully. These zones typically have longer growing seasons, allowing for multiple plantings and harvests. Butterhead lettuce varieties, such as 'Bibb' or 'Buttercrunch,' are popular choices for mild to warm climates. They have tender, buttery leaves and form loose heads. Looseleaf favorites, including "salad bowl" cultivars are easy to grow, have vibrant colors, and produce loose, open heads. These lettuces can be harvested at the leaf stage or allowed to form loose heads for continuous cutting. Oakleaf lettuces are known for their tender, delicate leaves and are suitable for cut-and-come-again harvesting—and these varieties love warm weather. Romaine lettuce and even tender green leaf lettuces can thrive with the right care in hot temperatures. See what grows in your zone and enjoy a healthy and leafy harvest!

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