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Basil Seeds & Plants

Indulge in the unparalleled satisfaction of cultivating basil, the quintessential herb renowned for its simplicity and versatility. Whether nestled in herb gardens, containers, or adorning kitchen windowsills, basil plants thrive effortlessly, rewarding gardeners with their aromatic foliage. From enriching Italian classics to enhancing vibrant Thai cuisine, the fresh or dried leaves of basil infuse dishes with unparalleled flavor. At Gurney's, we have been the trusted source for basil seeds and plants across generations. Through meticulous cultivation and rigorous taste-testing in our trial gardens, we curate a selection of premium basil varieties tailored for home gardeners. Explore our offerings of basil seeds for sale and basil plants for sale, and elevate your culinary adventures with the essence of basil.

Basil Seeds & Plants for Sale from Gurney's

When selecting basil for growing in the home garden, the first question is whether to buy basil plants or basil seeds. If you are growing just a few basil plants or want to try different basil varieties, then it's often best to buy basil plants online. If you want to grow a lot of basil, then it's more economical to shop for basil seeds for sale. Next, consider what types of basil varieties you'd like. Sweet Basil is the most popular basil for home gardeners. Growing a few different basil varieties allows you to try the subtle difference in basil flavors.

Basil Planting Overview

Basil is a tender annual that can be grown throughout most of the country. By following some basic planting and growing instructions, most gardeners can grow flavorful basil plants.

Where to Plant & Grow Basil

Basil plants should be planted in well-drained soil and in full sun (six or more hours of direct sunlight daily). Basil seeds for planting also need direct sunlight or a grow light and well-drained soil, such as potting soil.

When to Plant Basil Seeds?

If starting basil seeds indoors, the seeds can be sown about 6 weeks before the last spring frost date for your region. If direct sowing basil seeds into the garden, wait until after the danger of spring frost has passed.

How to Plant Basil Seeds?

Basil seeds should be planted at a depth of ¼ inch in loose, well-drained soil. Water the seeds after planting. Basil seeds usually germinate in 5-7 days.

How to Grow & Maintain Basil?

Mature basil plants should be spaced about 12-18 inches apart in the garden. Mulching around the basil plants retains moisture in the soil and suppresses weeds. Basil plants in the garden need about an inch of water weekly. Basil plants in containers need more frequent watering. Pruning basil plants throughout the growing season keeps the plants productive. If basil forms seed heads or flowers, the plant becomes woody and the yield becomes less. It also leads to more bitter leaves.

How to Harvest & Use Basil?

Basil plants can be harvested throughout the growing season. Just snip a few fresh leaves when needed. If you want more basil, harvest whole stems, making the cut just above a pair of leaves. While basil can be dried and frozen, it's most flavorful when used fresh. Make into pesto or use it to flavor Italian dishes, Thai food, soups and vegetables. Fresh basil is wonderful when paired with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

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