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  • Privacy Trees
  • Privacy Trees

    Are you trying to screen the neighbor, maybe you want to block an eyesore from view? Our list of fast growing privacy trees and shrubs will do the job, quickly. Many of our selections serve multiple functions. A strategically placed fast growing evergreen tree or fast-growing pine tree screen could block your neighbor and reduce the blustery winds of winter. Other selections have beautiful fragrant flowers or color twigs. We have hand picked an excellent selection that is sure to please.

Privacy Trees for Sale by Gurney's

Privacy trees are a great way to enhance your landscape--and so much more. In addition to creating a private spot in your yard, evergreen privacy trees can reduce noise, provide a windbreak, add natural beauty to your landscape, improve air quality and provide year-round color. Often planted as a natural alternative to fences, privacy trees make great easy-to-maintain living fences. At Gurney's, we've been supplying homeowners and gardeners with top-quality trees for more than 150 years. We're always on the lookout for fence trees for sale that offer great performance and attractiveness in home gardens and landscapes.

Choosing the Right Privacy Trees For Your Yard

When choosing evergreen trees for privacy, first consider your garden goals and space. While most evergreen trees are fast-growing, some, like the White Pine, can reach 80 ft. tall. Others, like the Emerald Green Arborvitae, grow 10-15 ft. tall, making them more suitable for smaller yards. Also consider the density of the tree's foliage. Arborvitae creates a wall of green, while other trees have an airier feel and provide quite a bit, but not total, privacy.

Next, look for trees that will grow in your yard's growing conditions. Check their grow zone requirements as well as how much direct sunlight they need daily. The trees' soil and water requirements are other considerations.

Finally, check out what other qualities the trees offer. The Eastern Red Cedar and White Spruce are known for their aromatic foliage. Many privacy trees also provide a windbreak and are excellent for nesting birds.

Getting Started with Privacy Trees

Planning and choosing the right privacy trees are keys to growing hedges that are attractive and functional. Here are some commonly asked questions about privacy trees.

How Much Sun Should Privacy Trees Get?

Most evergreen privacy trees perform best in full sun (six or more hours of direct sunlight daily) or partial shade (four to six hours of direct sunlight daily). Check the tree variety's sun requirements before buying.

How Much Spacing Do Privacy Trees Need?

Depending on the variety, privacy trees are usually spaced 6-10 ft. apart. Keep their mature height and spread in mind when spacing the trees.

When Should You Fertilize Your Evergreen Trees?

Most evergreens don't require lots of fertilizer. If fertilizing, apply the fertilizer in the spring before the new growth expands. Avoid fertilizing in late summer or fall.

How Much Water Do Privacy Trees Need?

After planting, give your privacy trees a good soaking at least once a week until the ground freezes in the fall. Once established, privacy trees need about 1-3 inches of water weekly.

How Tall Can Privacy Trees Get?

Depending on the variety, a privacy tree may reach a mature height of 10 ft. tall to 80 ft. tall.

Do Privacy Trees Require Pruning?

Many evergreen privacy trees require no to very little pruning. Most naturally have a tidy, pyramidal form. Broken or dead branches should be pruned. Arborvitae is an evergreen privacy tree that can handle heavy pruning.


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