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Ornamental Grasses

  • Gurney’s Choice
    Pink Pampas Grass
    Pink Pampas Grass
    Big, puffy plumes and stately foliage. Grows 5-7 ft. tall and blooms mid to late summer to form an outstanding screen. A favorite for... More
  • Prairie Fire Carex
  • Hot Rod Switchgrass
  • Maiden Grass Ornamental
  • Beni Kaze Japanese Forest Grass
  • Blue Festuca Grass
  • Zebra Grass

    Zebra Grass

  • Diamond Grass
  • Pink Muhly Grass
  • Rose Fountain Grass
    Web Exclusive
  • Lemon Grass
  • Out of Stock Dwarf Bandwidth Miscanthus

    Dwarf Bandwidth Miscanthus

    Notify when Available
Beauty and interest go hand in hand with Gurney's wide selection of ornamental grasses. Bright and colorful grasses come in a variety of shapes and hues that look great in any garden or backyard landscape. They're perfect for filling in bare areas, creating a manmade prairie or meadow, or adding color and texture alongside your house, garage or fence. Blue festuca adds a dramatic pop of color, while graceful pampas grass sways gently in the breeze for a calming effect. Wonderful in containers, these grasses are perfect for patios and decks, too.


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