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  • Gurney’s Choice
    Double Delight Hybrid Sweet Pepper
    Double Delight Hybrid Sweet PepperPlant
    Enjoy a bounty of delicious sweet peppers in a gorgeous mix of reds and yellows very early in the season! Bullhorn-shaped peppers up to 9 in. long,... More
  • Sweet Bell Hybrid Mix Sweet Pepper
  • Pepper and Eggplant Support
  • Gurney's® Pepper Food
  • Gurney's® Sweet Gold Hybrid Sweet Pepper
  • Enz-Rot™ Blossom-End Rot Concentrate Spray
  • Orange Kiss Hybrid Sweet Pepper
  • Carnivale Cayenne Blend Hot Pepper
  • Tomato & Blossom Set Spray
  • Mega Gold Hybrid Sweet Pepper
  • Sweet Banana Sweet Pepper
  • Tomato & Pepper Automator Tray
  • Hot Kaps® Domes
  • Kozy Koats

    Kozy Koats

    $7.99 – $24.99
  • Grow Tub® 10 Gallon
  • Out of Stock Anaheim 118 Hybrid Hot Pepper

    Anaheim 118 Hybrid Hot Pepper

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  • Out of Stock Quik-Cal Pelletized Calcium

    Quik-Cal Pelletized Calcium

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Gurney's carries a wide selection of peppers—from sweet peppers including banana, sweet bell , cubanelle and mini bells, to hot peppers like habanero, jalepeno, chili, cayenne, to ornamental varieties. Easy to grow, peppers are excellent in a variety of recipes. With their attractive foliage and colorful fruits, peppers look good in the garden, in edible landscapes and containers. Plant pepper seeds indoors and transplant to the garden a few weeks after the last frost.

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