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Southern Peas

  • Gurney’s Choice
    Phenomenal™ Summerpea
    Phenomenal™ Summerpea
    Very creamy texture with a slightly nutty flavor— the winner in our taste trials of 14 Southern Pea varieties! Bright ruby stems complement... More
    $4.99 – $14.99
  • Quickpick Pinkeye Purplehull Pea
  • California Black-Eye #5 Pea
  • Dixie Speckled Butterpea
  • Colossus Crowder Pea
  • Pinkeye Purplehull BVR Pea
  • Jackson Wonder A.R. Butterpea
  • Elite Cream Pea
  • Out of Stock Dixie White Butterpea

    Dixie White Butterpea

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What's the difference between crowder, cream, purplehull and black-eyed peas?

All of these are Southern peas, but they have some differences. Crowder peas fit tightly together in the pod and are favored for their rich flavor; when cooked, crowder peas produce a rich brown, pot liquor sauce. Cream peas have a creamy, soft texture and mild, distinctive flavor; they're usually smaller than other Southern peas. Pinkeye purplehull peas are widely grown in the South. Their pods turn dark purple at maturity, and they have the shelled pea flavor and texture preferred by many. Black-eyed peas are cream-colored peas with a black eye and turn dark when cooked.


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