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Pollinator Seeds

Bringing pollinators to the garden doesn't just benefit your vegetable crop. By welcoming birds, butterflies, and bees, you'll improve the biodiversity and health of the entire neighborhood. Here are a few reasons why you might want to plant your own pollinator garden:

  • Increased yield. Many crops, including fruits, vegetables, and nuts, rely on pollinators for successful pollination and abundant harvests. By attracting pollinators to the garden, you can enhance pollination rates and increase the productivity of their edible plants.
  • Plant health: Pollinator gardens benefit all plants in the vicinity by promoting cross-pollination, which can improve the health and genetic diversity of the garden. This, in turn, leads to stronger plants, better yields, and increased resilience against pests and diseases.
  • Aesthetics: Pollinator plants are beautiful! Pollinator gardens are often filled with colorful flowers and plants that attract a wide array of pollinators. Plants like poppies, cosmos, and asters create visually stunning displays and provide a delightful ambiance for gardeners and visitors to enjoy.

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