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    Apache Thornless Blackberry
    Apache Thornless Blackberry
    Jumbo-size fruits with jumbo-size flavor! Extra-fertile flowers, so you get more berries that are perfectly formed. Canes stand erect and are... More
  • Arapaho Thornless Blackberry
  • Triple Crown Thornless Blackberry
  • Gurney's® Raspberry & Blackberry Food
  • Premium Bird Nettings

    Premium Bird Nettings

    $39.99 – $119.99
  • Ouachita Thornless Blackberry
  • Garden Netting

    Garden Netting

    $19.99 – $54.99
  • T-I-M-E-D Fertilizer Tabs

    T-I-M-E-D Fertilizer Tabs

    $9.99 – $29.99
  • Kelp Spray and Meal

    Kelp Spray and Meal

    $19.99 – $24.99
  • Rosewood Pruner
  • Gurney's® Garden Gloves
  • Out of Stock Black Magic™ Blackberry

    Black Magic™ Blackberry

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  • Out of Stock Heaven Can Wait™ Blackberry

    Heaven Can Wait™ Blackberry

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Tasty, easy to grow and nutritious, it's no wonder more and more gardeners are planting blackberries. Cultivated berries are sweeter and larger than wild varieties—and usually grow in zones 5-9. Blackberries are chock full of nutrients, including antioxidants. While excellent for eating fresh, try them in blackberry jam, blackberry pie or cobbler. Gurney's carries a wide selection of blackberries, including several thornless varieties—making picking a breeze.

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