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Southern Grove Blackberries

Zones 7-10

Several blackberry varieties thrive in the southern regions (Zones 7-10) due to their adaptability to warm climates. We've gathered many of our favorite, most-popular blackberry plants suitable for the South here, in Gurney's Southern Groves collection. Some of our very favorites include:

  • 'Apache': A thornless variety with large, sweet berries and excellent heat tolerance.
  • 'Ouachita': Another thornless cultivar known for its high-quality berries and disease resistance.
  • 'Natchez': A semi-erect thornless variety producing large, flavorful berries, well-suited for southern climates.
  • 'Heaven Can Wait': A Gurney's exclusive thornless blackberry with self-supporting canes and incredibly long yield times.
  • 'Prime-Ark® 45': A primocane-fruiting variety that produces both fall and summer crops, perfect for extended harvest seasons.

Well-drained soil, full sun exposure, and regular watering to ensure the successful growth of blackberry plants in the South, and we're here to help. Gurney's Southern Grove Gardens provides gardeners in the South with blackberries that can thrive in hot climates. 


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