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Grape Tomatoes - Seeds & Plants

Grape tomatoes are bite-sized fruits that are favorites for salads and snacking. They are smaller than cherry tomatoes and get their name from their oblong shape, similar to a grape. Grape tomatoes also have thicker skins and a meatier texture than cherry tomatoes. Gurney's offers a variety of grape tomato seeds and plants--so you can select your favorite color and flavor. Check out our grape tomato varieties below!

Enjoy Quality Grape Tomato Seeds & Plants from Gurney's

For over 150 years, Gurney's has been supplying home gardeners with top-quality seeds and plants. Each year, we grow several grape tomato varieties in our trial gardens and select the best in flavor, yields, disease resistance and garden performance.

Choosing the Right Type of Grape Tomatoes

When selecting grape tomatoes to grow, color and flavor are often top considerations. Because they are often used in salads, red grape tomatoes are quite popular. They add brilliant color to salads and relish trays. Like other tomatoes, grape tomatoes are available in other hues, too.

Most grape tomato plants grow in zones 3-9. However, some varieties may grow in zone 10, and some may not be suitable for zone 3.

Other factors to consider when buying grape tomato seeds and plants are their disease resistance and if they are determinate or indeterminate plants. While indeterminate grape tomato plants produce fruits over a long harvest season, the plants can grow quite large and require staking.

Grape Tomato Varieties

  • Jelly Beans Grape Tomatoes

    Highly productive, disease-resistant vines produce gorgeous red fruits bursting with a sweet flavor. Indeterminate.

  • Chocolate Sprinkle Grape Tomatoes

    Glossy brick-red fruits are striped with dark green hues. The early variety has a rich, sweet-tart flavor and produces high yields. Indeterminate.

  • San Vicente Grape Tomatoes

    A taste-test winner, the bite-sized, brilliant red fruits have a sweet, rich, intense tomato flavor with the right balance of acidity. Indeterminate.

Grape Tomato FAQs

  • Are grape tomatoes good for you?

  • Loaded with vitamins A and C, lypocene, and other vitamins and minerals, grape tomatoes are a healthy snack. They're low in calories and a good source of fiber.

  • How many grape tomatoes are in a single serving?

  • A serving is 1 cup of fresh grape tomatoes. There are about 6 grape tomatoes in a serving.

  • What are the benefits of grape tomatoes?

  • Grape tomatoes contain lypocene, an antioxidant, as well as vitamins A and C. They're also a good source of fiber.

  • Are grape tomatoes keto?

  • While grape tomatoes have a sweet flavor, they're low enough in net carbohydrates to be keto friendly.

  • Are grape tomatoes determinate or indeterminate?

  • Grape tomato plants, like other tomato vines, can be either determinate or indeterminate, depending on the variety.


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