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    The Hulk Bush Bean
    The Hulk Bush Bean
    These beans grabbed our attention with their gigantic size, up to 9 inches long — and do they ever have big flavor to match their big size!... More
  • Jade II Bush Bean

    Jade II Bush Bean

    $4.99 – $12.99
  • Improved Golden Wax Bush Bean
  • Garden Nurture Soil Inoculant
  • Sassy Bush Bean

    Sassy Bush Bean

    $4.99 – $12.99
  • Purple Queen Improved Bush Bean
  • Pyola® Insect Spray

    Pyola® Insect Spray

    $19.99 – $29.99
  • Provider Bush Bean

    Provider Bush Bean

    $3.99 – $11.99
  • Fordhook 242 Lima Bean
  • Tohya Edamame
  • Gurney's® Vegetable Food
  • Grow Tub® 15 Gallon
  • Out of Stock Early Contender Bush Bean

    Early Contender Bush Bean

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What are Bush Beans?

Bush beans, sometimes called snap beans and green beans, have a round habit and can be grown without a support or trellis. Some bush bean varieties are yellow (also called wax beans) or purple.

Unlike bush beans, pole beans require a support or trellis. Bush beans are usually harvested when the seeds inside the pods are quite small.

Bush beans are legumes and grow best when planted in well-drained soil in a sunny spot in the garden.


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