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Southern Grove Blueberries

Zones 7-10

Which blueberries grow in Zones 7, 8, 9, and 10? Gurney's Southern Grove Gardens provides gardeners in the South with blueberries that can thrive in hot climates. In Zones 7 through 10, several blueberry varieties thrive and produce delicious fruits. Bome blueberry plants well-suited for the south tend to belong to either the Southern Highbush group, or the Rabbiteye group. The Southern Highbush blueberry group includes varieties like 'Misty,' 'Jewel,' and 'Jubilee Southern.' They are bred specifically for warm climates and offer sweet berries with varying ripening times. Rabbiteye blueberries, and Rabbiteye hybrids, are heat-tolerant, easy to grow, and produce large, flavorful berries. 'Ochlockonee' is one of our favorite southern rabbiteye berries. When growing blueberries, ensure well-drained acidic soil, provide sufficient sunlight, and regular watering. Additionally, it's beneficial to plant different varieties to encourage cross-pollination and increase fruit production.

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