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Determinate Tomato Seeds

Determinate tomato plants grow to a certain height and stop growing—and their fruit ripens over a short window of time, usually over 2-3 weeks. Because of these characteristics, determinate tomatoes are a great choice for gardeners with limited garden space and container gardening, as well as for those who can and process tomatoes. Gurney's offers a wide selection of determinate tomato seeds for sale.

Determinate Tomato Seeds and Plants from Gurney's

Each year, Gurney's grows dozens of tomato seed varieties in its trial gardens and selects the best for garden performance, disease resistance, yields and flavor. The determinate tomatoes for sale include tomato varieties for canning, slicing, sauce and more.

Determinate Tomatoes for Your Home Garden

When growing determinate tomatoes, start by selecting a location with well-drained soil and in full sun. Determinate tomatoes can also be grown in containers, as long as they have good drainage. Make sure the area offers your tomato plants plenty of air circulation.

Determinate seeds are usually started indoors about 6-8 weeks before the last spring frost date for your area. Gurney's seed starting guide gives more details on starting seeds indoors.

Transplant tomato plants to the garden after the last spring frost date for your area. Space plants 18-24 inches apart and 3-5 ft. between rows. While determinate tomatoes do not require as much support as indeterminate tomato plants, tomato cages are often recommended. Insert the tomato cage into the ground at the time of planting.

Determinate Tomato FAQs

What are determinate tomatoes?

Determinate tomato plants grow to a certain size and produce fruit over a short period (often 2-3 weeks).

How do I know if my tomato is determinate or indeterminate?

Determinate tomatoes usually have a bushy habit with leaves that are closer together. Indeterminate tomatoes look more like vines and the leaves are spaced farther apart.

Can you top determinate tomatoes?

Don't top determinate tomato plants as this can stunt their growth and keep them from producing as much fruit.

How to you prune determinate tomatoes?

Determinate tomatoes require less pruning than indeterminate tomato vines. Pinch off suckers from the ground level up to the first flower cluster, so no leaves are touching the ground.


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