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Herb Seeds & Plants

Herbs seeds are easy to grow and easy to fit into the garden, flower beds, herb garden, edible landscapes, containers and Grow Tubs. Enjoy them fresh throughout the growing season--and dry extra for favorite recipes.

Mix and Match Herb Plants

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Herb Seeds for Sale from Gurney's

Gurney's carries a wide selection of herb seeds for planting and fully grown plants, including favorites like basil, mint, thyme, dill and rosemary. Some, like basil, are easy to plant from seed while we offer others as plants. At Gurney's, we grow lots of herbs in our trial gardens. Our herb garden seeds and herb plants for sale are the top performing and most flavorful varieties.

Choosing the Right Herb Seeds and Plants

Most herbs are easy to grow and perform best when grown in full sun (6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily). Some herbs are grown as annuals, while others are grown as perennials. When selecting herbs for your garden, look at their hardiness zones. Many herbs can be grown in the herb garden, vegetable garden, flower bed or containers. When choosing herb seeds or plants, consider their growing requirements and which herbs you like to use.

Herb Seeds & Plants: Getting the Most out of Your Purchase

To get the most out of your purchase, make sure you grow your herbs where they will receive enough sunlight. Most herbs also perform best in well-drained soil. Many gardeners like to grow herbs near the kitchen. This makes it easy to snip a few leaves for seasoning their favorite recipes.

Getting Started with Herb Seeds or Plants

Herbs are rewarding to grow because many are easy to grow from seeds--and they add flavor to recipes.

How long does it take to grow herbs from seeds?

While the time from seed to harvest varies with different herbs, many herbs are ready to lightly harvest 6-8 weeks after seeding. Some may take 12 weeks.

Which herbs grow best from seed?

Some of our favorite herbs to grow from seed are dill, basil, parsley, coriander/cilantro, rosemary, sage and oregano.

What is the easiest herb to grow?

While lots of herbs are very easy to grow, one of the easiest to grow is dill. This herb also easily self seeds.

Caring for Herbs

Herbs are low-maintenance plants and great for beginning gardeners. Harvesting regularly is one way to keep your organic herb plants growing and looking their best.

How to prune herbs

Regularly pinching back leaves encourages new growth. When pruning or harvesting herbs, cut back to the first set of leaves, where the leaves meet the stem. Also deadhead or pinch off flowers or seed stalks.

When do I prune my herbs?

Herbs grown as perennials are usually pruned in the spring.

Do herb seeds or plants need fertilizer?

Herbs are not heavy feeders but will benefit from compost tea or a slow-release, all-natural fertilizer such as Gurney's Vegetable Food.


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