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  • Gurney’s Choice
    Americana Hybrid Cucumber
    Choice & Exclusive
    Americana Hybrid Cucumber
    A traditional American-slicer type cucumber, Americana produces dark glossy green 8- to 10- in. cukes with non-bitter skin and a sweet, juicy... More
  • Gurney's® Perfect Pickle Hybrid Cucumber
    Choice & Exclusive
  • Miss Pickler Hybrid Pickling Cucumber
  • Straight Eight Slicing Cucumber
  • Garden Sweet Burpless Hybrid Cucumber
  • Diva Slicing Cucumber
  • Cucumber Support
  • Tasty Green Hybrid Cucumber
  • Perseus Hybrid Cucumber
  • Bush Pickle Hybrid Pickling Cucumber
  • Gurney's® Burpless II Hybrid Cucumber
    Web Exclusive
  • County Fair Improved Hybrid Cucumber
  • Sassy Hybrid Cucumbers
  • Early Spring Burpless Hybrid Slicing Cucumber
  • Iznik Hybrid Slicing Cucumber
  • Mouse Melon
  • Grow Tub® 15 Gallon
  • Cucumber Slicing Sweet Salad II Hybrid PKT
    Web Exclusive
  • Out of Stock Sweeter Yet Hybrid Slicing Cucumber
    Web Exclusive

    Sweeter Yet Hybrid Slicing Cucumber

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Cool and crisp, cucumbers are a summertime favorite. Choose from the long and smooth slicing types for fresh eating or the blockier pickling varieties. Little space? Choose a bush-type cucumber. These little wonders are also suitable for containers and Grow Tubs. Also consider allowing your cucumber vines to climb up trellises. Live in a northern zone or want a head-start on cucumbers? Start your seeds indoors and transplant the seedlings when the weather warms. Or, seed directly into the ground in warmer zones.


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