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RazzMatazz® Grape

The World's First Continually Fruiting Grape

For over 150 years, grape breeders dreamed of producing a grape that combined the "tough-as-nails" disease resistance of native muscadine grapes with the thin-skinned, tender-crisp texture of table grapes. RazzMatazz® does this—and so much more.

Just keeps producing! RazzMatazz is the world's first continually fruiting grape—and produces tasty, seedless grapes from September to frost!

Gorgeous color and outstanding flavor! The iridescent dark red to purple fruits have a distinct floral aroma and a rich, sweet, fruity flavor. The clusters of small, seedless and tender-skinned grapes are perfect for garnishing cheese plates, adding to salads or packing in children's lunches.

Clusters galore! Most grape varieties only produce 2-3 clusters per shoot. RazzMatazz has produced up to 26 clusters per shoot.

No spraying? Yes! Vigorous vines resist many diseases and insects. In some areas, RazzMatazz can be grown without fungicidal spray.

Years of research! Getting to market started decades ago. The ancestors of RazzMatazz trace back five generations to the first hybrids between the Eurasian Vitis vinifera grape and the native muscadine grape. Grape breeder and North Carolina native Jeff Bloodworth bred and evaluated thousands of grape seedlings throughout his life. In 2007 he discovered the one that is now known as RazzMatazz.

A Gurney's Signature Product! RazzMatazz Grape was introduced to the market by Gurney's and is only available here and through our select partners.

Did you know…RazzMatazz is so unique that it's been given a patent as a whole new grape cultivar! Yes, that's even harder to get than a plant patent.

A tip for Northern growers. Bred in zone 7b, RazzMatazz is recommended for zones 7-9. However, with careful management, gardeners in more northern zones have grown RazzMatazz successfully. They've planted RazzMatazz in huge planters with wheels and moved them to cool, protected enclosures, such as unheated garages, during the winter.

Planting Tip: Each vine requires about 15 ft. of growing space on a wire trellis or fence with at least 8 hours of sunlight. Self pollinating. U.S. Patent No. 9045767.



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Product Details

  • Botanical Name: Vitis rotundifolia '05-22-3-27' US PATENT 9,045,727
  • Height: Same height as trellis - 8 feet
  • Spacing: 8 - 12 feet
  • Depth: Plant so the roots are below the soil.
  • Spread: 8 - 12 feet
  • Light Required: Full sun
  • Pollinator: Self pollinating.
  • Foliage: Green foliage.
  • Fruit: Has a floral aroma and sweet flavor. Mature fruit is a deep dark red. Grapes are about the size of a nickel. Sets beautiful, decorative fruit clusters with an enticing floral fragrance. Boasts a rich, sweet flavor with a touch of effervescence and popping
  • Zone: 7 - 9 (0 F. Winter temperature threshold)
  • Form: Deciduous perennial vine.
  • Soil Requirements: Well-drained, slightly acidic, sandy loam soil.
  • Growth Rate: Medium to fast growth rate.
  • Pruning: We recommend spur pruning for this variety. The "trunk" or leader on the Razzmatazz plant is grown so that you can enjoy some fruit the first year. You can train the new shoot growth to accommodate whatever trellis you have to grow it on. If you have a standard grape trellis you can just train the top most shoot up to your cross arm and pinch it there to get the shoot to branch and make your two curtains.
  • Comments: Perpetual cropping muscadine. This muscadine is derived from material native to the Southeast US and is highly disease resistant and tolerant to hot humid Summers, making them far easier for the home gardener to grow than traditional table grapes. The fruit has a floral aroma and rich sweet fruity flavor that is unlike any grape. It colors to an iridescent pinkish-red starting in August but the flavor has not developed at this point. It is fully ripe in early September when the fruit is a deep dark red. The extended cropping allows the gardener fruit all the way untill the first frost. This variety does not need another variety for pollination.

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