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How to Grow and Sow Carrots from Seed Video

Sarah from Gurney's Seed and Nursery shows how to sow carrots out in the garden. Glean expert tips on spacing, thinning and harvesting the crop.


Hi, I'm Sarah with Gurney's and today we're going to be working at carrots. I sowed these a couple of weeks ago and now they're ready for thinning. I always tend to over sow my seed, just because I like to make sure I have a good, healthy row and then I can thin out the weak ones and leave the strong ones. So carrots, you want to thin to about two to three, two to four inches apart and you want to wait till they're about this size so you can get a hold of them and these were sown about a fourth inch deep, rows are twelve inches apart and that's about how they want to be. So we'll just work our way down the row, we got plenty to choose from here. And you can sow these as soon as your soil can be worked in the early spring and then sow again in the late summer for a fall harvest. They like the cold. They do take a while to germinate so don't give up on them. They take about ten, anywhere from ten to fifteen-seventeen days depending on what variety and what your weather is.


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