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How to Grow Lettuce from Seed Video

Join Sarah from Gurney's Seed and Nursery as she discusses how to plant and harvest loose leaf lettuce out in your garden. Find out key specifics like the right planting depth and spacing, and the effect of temperature on the lettuce's flavor.


Hi, I'm Sarah with Gurney's and we're looking at lettuce today. Lettuce can be sown early in the spring as soon as you can get out and work your soil. Plant the seed about a quarter inch deep and I like to plant it together, you can always thin it out as you eat it. You can eat them when they're little and I always cut mine rather than pull it out so then you can get some more growth on your roots, and keep using it. This is a loose leaf lettuce rather than a head lettuce and you can keep cutting on it. And you want to plant it early, it'll get bitter once it gets hot outside, so you can put in several spring plantings and then you can plant again mid-summer for some fall harvest.