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How to Use the Easy Pickin's Blackberry Trellis Video

Join Felix from Gurney's Seed and Nursery as he demonstrates how to set up Easy Pickin's trellis system on a blackberry plant and offers tips on pruning and improving the fruit output.


Alright folks, so here we are, right now it's early summer and we're with our Easy Pickin's trellis system in our blackberry and you can see here at the base we have our first-year canes going nicely up through it, they're all contained within and there's a few there is...this is actually a weed...but there might be a few shoots that don't and you can always pop off your little hoop here in the front by placing those tabs and then just sliding that came in so it's corral in your trellis system and snapping this back and up here we have an example of one of the canes and has hasn't grown up through it so we're actually going to do that today and this is part of the little bit of maintenance that you have to do is to train those canes through your hoop mechanism and after planting we didn't really do anything to this we gave it a little fertilizer and kept the weeds out from around it but other than that just keeping your canes growing up through your system and the other component is to pinch back your tip so you get some branching off of these canes all your fruit production is going to happen off of these buds next year that are behind the petioles so if you see our little bud that's just now developing behind this stem your leave stem called a petiole that's where your shoot is going to form where your fruit production is going to be next year and that's why the system works so well is because keeping those canes upright in a small space like this you get sunlight which is really what these buds need right now exposing getting they're getting exposed to that sun and so by pinching these tips which I've done here already just tipping back some of the growth so it's about waist-high you're going to get all kinds of lateral branching which is also going to be our fruit next year and you just keep doing that this these canes are going to grow up quite a bit more yet this summer and we'll show you in another piece actually how much fruit you can get off of these with our ripening fruit here next door. In a couple of weeks you'll see that wonderful trellising system and I hope you give it a try because you can grow tons of blackberries with something like this variety here which is triple crown, you can grow twenty three pounds of fruit off of this system.


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