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Free Shipping on any order of $75 or more TODAY!

Free Shipping on order of $75 or more

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Free Shipping on any order of $75 or more TODAY!
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Whopper Strawberry

Sweet and Delicious Berries as Big as Peaches

  • Exceptionally large, juicy, red berries
  • Extremely hardy, disease-resistant plants
  • Produces prolific crops
  • Plants multiply rapidly year after year
  • June-bearing variety
  • One of our most popular berries

A customer favorite year after year, Whopper Strawberry produces exceptionally large berries that are excellent for fresh eating, dipped into chocolate and dips, and made into desserts. Extremely hardy, disease-resistant plants grow well in a variety of climates--and multiply year after year. Prolific plants produce plenty of gorgeous, red juicy berries. Zones 5-10. PP16971.

Gurney's® Whopper Strawberry

04657 $19.99 $59.96
For each offer ordered, get 40 plants.
Availability: Out Of Stock

Don't Forget the Strawberry Food!

Gurney's® Strawberry Food

80008 $8.99 $9.99
For each offer ordered, get 2 lbs.
Availability: Out Of Stock

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Dwarf Tophat Blueberry

Grow Blueberries On Your Patio!

  • Ideal size for containers
  • Firm fruits with wild blueberry flavor
  • Very ornamental with compact habit
  • Foliage turns red in the fall
  • Grows just 18 inches tall

Grow blueberries almost anywhere with Tophat! An attractive dwarf blueberry,it fits into small spaces—even containers. And, it'll provide you with sweet, crisp blueberries that are perfect for eating fresh or in your favorite blueberry recipes.

Just 1½ ft. tall, this lowbush variety is covered with clusters of delicate, white flowers in midspring. As the summer progresses, the branches become loaded with tasty, full-sized dusky blue fruit with a wild blueberry flavor.

Tophat is the perfect solution for gardeners who want to grow blueberries but have limited space. Self-pollinating. Zone 3-7. Bareroot plant.

Dwarf Tophat Blueberry

79417 $7.99 $12.99
For each offer ordered, get 1 jumbo-grade bareroot plant.
Availability: Out Of Stock

Gurney's® Blueberry Food

80007 $8.99 $9.99

For each offer ordered, get 2 lbs.

Availability: Out Of Stock

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