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Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes for Sale by Gurney's

Sweet potato plants are some of the most rewarding vegetables to grow in home garden. Sweet potato vines produce delicious and nutritious tubers, and the vines are very ornamental. At Gurney's, we grow a lot of sweet potato varieties in our trial gardens and select the best in garden performance, yields and flavor. Whether you're a gardener with limited space, a gardener with a desire to produce lots of sweet potatoes, or a gourmet looking for unusual sweet potatoes, you'll find sweet potato plants for sale that are tops in performance and flavor.

Organic Sweet Potato Slips: Choosing the Right Sweet Potatoes

When shopping for sweet potato slips for sale, you have lots of choices. Here are some considerations before you buy sweet potato slips for sale.

First, take into account your climate. Sweet potatoes are tender plants and require a long frost-free period to grow. Some sweet potato varieties, such as Beauregard Sweet Potato are well-suited for northern growing regions.

Next, consider your garden space. Sweet potato vines can take up a lot of room. If you have limited space, or are growing in containers or Grow Tubs, consider buying a bush variety of sweet potato slips for sale.

Finally, consider yields, flavor and appearance. Some gourmets prefer the Muraski Sweet Potato for sweet, nutty flavor and attractive purple skin, while others are partial to the O'Henry Sweet Potato's creamy gold flesh and delicate flavor.

Gurney's offers a wide selection of sweet potatoes for sale, so you can try different varieties.

Getting Started with Sweet Potatoes

Successfully growing sweet potatoes in containers or the home garden starts with finding the right location and planting them at the correct time. Here are some tips for growing organic sweet potato slips.

When to Plant Sweet Potatoes

Whether growing sweet potatoes in pots or the garden, wait to set out sweet potato plants until 1-2 weeks after the danger of spring frost has passed. The soil temperatures should be at least 60 degrees F.

How to Plant Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes can be grown in containers or the garden. They prefer full sun. If planting in the garden, work plenty of compost into the soil and build 10-inch tall mounds or ridges. Plant the sweet potato slips 12-18 inches apart. For more details on planting sweet potatoes, visit Success with Sweet Potatoes.

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes

If growing organic sweet potatoes in the garden, mulch around the plants to conserve moisture and suppress weeds. If plants are not receiving at least an inch of rainfall weekly, then water them. Because sweet potato vines take up a lot of garden space, many people grow sweet potatoes in containers. They can also be grown vertically. For more on vertical vegetable gardening, visit Grow Up! - The Vertical Vegetable Garden. When growing sweet potato plants in containers, make sure to water regularly.

How to Harvest Sweet Potatoes

Harvesting sweet potatoes is easy when growing them in containers. Just empty the container and harvest the roots. When growing in the garden, carefully dig up the tubers and cure them in a place where they receive high humidity and warm temperatures for about two weeks.

When to Harvest Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes should be harvested when the leaves start to yellow, or immediately after the first fall frost.

How to Store Sweet Potatoes

Once cured, sweet potatoes can keep for months if stored in a cool, 55-degree, dry location such as a basement.

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