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Continuously Fruiting Grape Video

Felix from Gurney's shows off the amazing continuously fruiting quality of the new RazzMatazz grape. Check out the beautiful ripening grape fruit and learn of the variety's wonderful traits.


Hi everyone, Felix here with Gurney's and our new RazzMatazz Grape, and today I wanted to just point out one of the details with this grape, is it's continuously fruiting along the shoot and I wanted to show you how that's working. So here, you can seem at the base, we've got fruit clusters that are ripening up, they're ready to pick. They're beautifully colored, and then, as we work our way up the shoot, you can see that we have grapes that are setting and smaller in size, haven't reached maturity. We go on up the shoot continuously here and we've got some that are we have some that have just set, so this matured a little, the grape shoot was growing along and we've got fruit set there. Here we have a shoot and we've got clusters on the backend of the shoot as well. But here, we've got one that the flowers are just finishing up, so you can still see the little anthers and stigmas on the flowers, so this is just now finishing pollination, and here at the end, we've got a cluster that hasn't even flowered yet, so it's just in its budding stage. And this would have continued on if we hadn't tipped this back. We're trying to keep the shape and our structure on the patio here relatively managed rather than having these long tendrils, you could let those go as well. When you let those go, we've had up to twenty four clusters on a single shoot that we've counted. And so, you can enjoy your ripening throughout the season, so you get a little bit at the front end of the season, and then in about two weeks' interval you get your ripe fruit. So a wonderful trait, wonderful fruit quality, perfume, highly sweet, seedless, and you can enjoy the sun on your patio and get fruit throughout the ripening season.


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