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Sweet Corn Types

Savor Fresh Picked Flavor!

Sweet corn has come a long way! Choose from the following types:

    Sugary-Enhanced Hybrids (se)

    •  Superior tenderness, creamy texture and good "corn" flavor
    •  Higher sugar levels than (su) varieties resulting in hybrids that hold their quality longer than a week
    •  Isolate from all (sh2) and (su) corn varieties

    Normal or High-Sugar Hybrids (su)

    •  Hearty corn flavor and firm, creamy texture—has been grown and enjoyed for many years
    •  Sugars convert to starches quickly so best eaten shortly after harvest
    •  Vigorous germination and easy to grow
    •  Isolate from (sh2) varieties

    Super-Sweet Hybrids (sh2)

    •  Extra-sweet flavor and crisp texture
    •  Higher sugar content than (se) and (su) varieties, as well as a slower conversion of sugars to starches—holds more than a week
    •  Isolate from (su), (se) and (sy) types

    Augmented Super-Sweet Hybrids (sh2)

    •  All the benefits of sh2
    •  Plus, greater vigor and emergence; exceptional flavor and texture
    •  Isolate from (su), (se) and (sy) types

    Synergistic Hybrids (sy)

    •  Combines the best characteristics of (sh2) and (se) types—very high sugar content; tender-crisp texture; and slow conversion of sugars to starches
    •  Isolate from (sh2) and (su) varieties

    Simply Irresistible™ & Gotta Have It® Hybrids

    •  Sweet flavor, tender-crisp texture & rich corn taste
    •  Slow conversion of sugars to starches—holds more than 2 weeks
    •  Isolate from all (se) and (su) varieties

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