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WOW!<sup>™</sup> Fruit
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WOW! Fruit

Looking for a winner in flavor and garden performance? Choose Wow! Fruit from Gurney's. Our Wow! Fruits stand above other varieties--and are truly the best of the best for home gardens. Wow! Fruit offers:
1) Superior Flavor: Fruits combine sweetness and complexity for flavor you won't find in the grocery's produce department.
2) WOW! the Senses: In addition to superior flavor, the fruits are vibrantly colored and well-shaped. Their texture and mouth feel will have you reaching for another bite.
3) Garden Performance: Wow! Fruits are guaranteed to perform and thrive in the garden and landscape, making them the perfect choice for orchards, patio containers and edible landscapes.

WOW! Blueberry
Crisp Texture and Explosive Flavor
Most delicious blueberry we've tasted. Medium-size, blue-purple berries have sweet, rich blueberry taste with hints of fruity flavors. Their crisp texture gets better with refrigeration.
So sweet you don't need to add sugar. The berries are a treat for fresh eating and your favorite recipes.
Vigorous plants produce large yields. Plants grow 4-6 ft. tall and produce loads of fruit in July.
Ideal for home gardens and edible landscapes. Wow! Blueberry is a low-maintenance shrub with no significant pest or disease problems. Its glossy green foliage turns red in the fall. While self-pollinating, you'll get even bigger yields by planting another variety. Plant in full sun and acidic soil. Zones 4-8. Vaccinium corymbosum 'Ka-Bluey' PPAF

WOW! Apple Tree
Taste-Test Winner with Lots of Crunch
Exploding with flavor. Fruits have sweet-tart taste with hints of tropical flavors. The fruits store well and have a pleasing crunchy texture. Ideal for ciders, baking and snacking.
Attractive fruits with long storage time. Apples have flawless, golden skins with blushes of pink. Fruits ripen in mid-September.
Reachables size: Produces full-sized fruits, but on a smaller tree. That makes it easier to fit into your garden, orchard--or even a container. Thanks to state-of-the-art rootstock technology, these trees stay manageable allowing one person to prune, spray, net and harvest the tree--all while standing on the ground. No ladders required!
Disease resistant trees. Trees have exhibited resistance to scab and fire blight. Recommended pollinators are Baker's Delight, Gold Rush and Sweet Sixteen. Plant in full sun. Zones 5-8. Malus domestica '4-10' PP29126

WOW! Strawberry
Produces for Months
Fruits even in the hot months. An everbearing variety from France, Wow! Strawberry fruits in June and produces during the hot summer months to fall.
Flavorful and beautiful berries. Classically shaped, deep red berries are super sweet and a taste-test favorite. Great for eating fresh and in desserts.
Vigorous plants. Plants grow and spread, producing plenty of berries.
Hands-down winner in our trials. Simply the best for flavorful berries and production. Plant in full sun. Zones 3-8. Fragaria ananassa 'Charlotte'
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