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Transylvanian Softneck Garlic

Hot with a Sharp Bite

  • Hot, sharp flavor
  • Softneck, artichoke type
  • Stores well
  • Discovered in Romania in the 1990s
  • Approx. 10-14 cloves per bulb
A true garlic-lover's garlic! Transylvanian Garlic produces large bulbs with lots of heat and a sharp flavor that's sure to spice up recipes. Discovered in Romania in the 1990s, this early-season, artichoke-type, softneck garlic has creamy white skins with a trace of purple. It stores well, so you can enjoy homegrown garlic for months. Can be planted in the spring or the fall. Is ready for harvest in late summer. Dig the bulbs when the tops are completely brown and dried. The tops can be left on and braided into ropes for storage and decorations. Approx. 10-14 cloves per bulb.



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Product Details

  • Botanical Name: Allium sativum 'Transylvanian'
  • Height: 18 - 24 inches
  • Spacing: 4 inches
  • Depth: Divide bulbs into cloves and set 1 - 2 inches deep; plant flat side down.
  • Light Required: Full Sun
  • Fruit: Large bulbs have creamy white skin with a trace of purple. Artichoke-type.
  • Zone: 3 - 9
  • Soil Requirements: Well-drained, loose, organic soil.
  • Size: Bulb
  • Comments: This early-season softneck garlic produces large bulbs that can contain up to 10-14 cloves. Creamy white skin may show a trace of purple. This garlic is hot with a sharp bite. Stores well. Discovered in Romania in the mid-1990s.

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