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Blue Damson Plum Tree
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Blue Damson Plum Tree

Very Productive Heirloom

Vigorous heirloom variety produces heavy crops of gorgeous, very dark purple fruits with juicy, yellow flesh and a pleasing spicy-tart flavor. Small to medium plums have firm flesh, making them good for canning, fresh eating and desserts. The clingstone fruits ripen from late August to early September. While a self-pollinating variety, the Blue Damson Plum Trees will produce higher yields if more than one tree is planted. Requires 600 chill hours. Zones 5-7. Gurney's Deluxe fruit trees include 2 oz. Quick-Cal Pelletized Calcium, 12 oz. bag of Fruit Tree Food Starter Formula and a premium tree guard to protect the trunk for gnawing pests, weed trimmers and mowers.

NOTE: We are unable to ship our trees to PO Boxes at this time.

Why buy a Deluxe package - Deluxe fruit trees include 2 oz. of Fruit-Boost™ Pelletized Calcium to enhance fruit quality, 12 oz. bag of Fruit Tree Food Starter Formula, easy-to-use tree ties (see video below), a premium tree guard to protect the trunk from gnawing pests, mowers and weed trimmers, and a copy of Backyard Horticulture for Fun and Profit—How to Make $10,000 in Your Spare Time.

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Product Details

  • Botanical Name: Prunus domestica 'Blue Damson'
  • Height: 25-30 ft
  • Spacing: 20-25 ft
  • Depth: Plant with graft union 2 inches above the soil surface.
  • Spread: 20-25 ft
  • Light Required: Full Sun
  • Pollinator: Self-pollinating
  • Yield: 2-5 bushels
  • Color: White
  • Foliage: Deep green
  • Blooms: May
  • Fruit: Small, round blue fruit in clusters. Clingstone.
  • Zone: 5 - 7
  • Form: Upright
  • Flower Form: White
  • Soil Requirements: Well-drained, fertile loam
  • Growth Rate: Medium
  • Size: 1 inch
  • Comments: Very rich, tart flavor. Purple, clingstone fruit. European plum. Vigorous, heavy producer.

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