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Mediterranean Olive Tree
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Mediterranean Olive Tree

Lovely Ornamental Evergreen Produces Delicious, Tender Fruit

Immortalized in the works of great artists for centuries, this ancient ornamental bears small, oblong green olives that ripen to deep, rich black in early to mid fall. Matures to 8-10 ft. tall if kept in a container, but may get bigger if grown in a suitable climate. Self-pollinating and prefers full sun. Zones 8-10.
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Product Details

  • Botanical Name: Oleo europaea 'Manzillo' (the fruiting Olive).
  • Height: 8 - 10 feet if planted in containers; larger if grown in suitable climates directly in the ground.
  • Spacing: 1 plant per pot. If planted in the ground in zones 8 - 10, space 20 feet apart.
  • Depth: Plant on the South or West side of a home or building. The warm wall will accelerate the ripening of the fruit.
  • Spread: 3 - 4 feet in containers, 6 - 8 feet if grown in suitable climates directly in the ground.
  • Light Required: Full sun.
  • Pollinator: Self-pollinating.
  • Yield: Varies.
  • Color: Creamy white flowers.
  • Foliage: Leathery, long leaves up to 3 inches long. Gray-green above and silvery-gray-green beneath foliage.
  • Blooms: Varies.
  • Fruit: Small oblong, plum-like green fruit ripening to black. This is considered a medium-sized olive.
  • Zone: 8 - 10 (hardy to 10 degrees F.).
  • Form: Tender fruit.
  • Flower Form: Small blossoms develop in the axils of the alternate leaves.
  • Soil Requirements: Well-drained soil.
  • Growth Rate: Moderate growth rate..
  • Comments: The olive tree is a valued ornamental evergreen tree. Can become quite large in it's natural habitat (Southwest) with the trunk becoming intriguingly irregular and gnarled. The olive is self-fruitful and will bear small, plum-shaped, green fruit beginning in late Summer and ripening to black in early to mid-Fall.

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