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Homestead Purple Creeping Verbena
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Homestead Purple Creeping Verbena

Blooms from April to November!

Blooms very early and often, from April to November! Attractive evergreen foliage with clusters of brilliant dark purple flowers held above the foliage. Very pest, drought, and disease resistant. A true Southern classic. Needs full sun, but other than that, it can be planted anywhere, including in hanging baskets and containers. Mature spreading clump is 18 in. tall by 24 in. wide. The finest of all perennial verbenas! Zones 7-10.
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  • Botanical Name: Verbena canadensis 'Homestead Purple'
  • Height: 8-12 inch
  • Spacing: 12-18 inch
  • Depth: 2 times as wide and deep as pot, top of root ball at soil surface
  • Spread: 12-18 inch
  • Light Required: Full sun to Partial shade - in warmer climates verbena appreciates some afternoon shade.
  • Color: Dark purple
  • Foliage: Deep green, 1 to 3 inch leaves
  • Blooms: Spring to frost
  • Zone: 6 - 10 ( 0° F.)
  • Form: Low spreading
  • Flower Form: Clusters, single petals
  • Soil Requirements: Well-drained, moist-dry. Water only occasionally. Verbena likes its soil on the dry side.
  • Growth Rate: Vigorous
  • Pruning: Trim or shear faded flowers to promote longer blooming. In areas where verbena is considered a perennial, you should cut it back in late fall when the plants become ragged.

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