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Out of Season Cinco De Mayo™ Floribunda Rose
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Cinco De Mayo™ Floribunda Rose

Very free-flowering all year long.

Huge clusters of mysteriously unique rusty red-orange and smoky lavender blooms just never stop poppin' open on this powerful floribunda. A true rainbow of colors, Cinco de Mayo is perfectly blendable with any color in the garden. The super-clean glossy-green foliage and delectable fragrance complement the exceptional flower power. U.S. Patent No. 21709.



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Product Details

  • Botanical Name: Rosa cv. WEKcobeju, (Cinco de Mayo™)U.S. Pat. No. 21,709
  • Height: 36 - 48 inches
  • Spacing: 36 - 48 inches
  • Depth: Plant so that the crown is at the same level as the soil.
  • Spread: 36 - 48 inches
  • Light Required: Full sun to partial shade
  • Color: Smoky Lavender and rusty red-orange blend. Smoky color intesifies with cooler temperatures.
  • Foliage: Super clean glossy green leaves
  • Blooms: Late spring to fall
  • Zone: 5-10
  • Form: Medium, rounded & bushy
  • Flower Form: Large, ruffled, double flowers. Medium, in large clusters, about 25 petals in clusters of 5 - 9.
  • Soil Requirements: Well drained, rich soil
  • Growth Rate: Moderate once established
  • Pruning: Prune to maintain shape and increase branching once the plant is established. Remove any dead or damaged branches.
  • Size: Flowers are up to 3 1/2 inches across.
  • Comments: This seedling of Julia Child puts a whole new spin on 'Flower Power'. The clusters of blooms never stop popping open on this powerfully flowerful floribunda. Mysteriously colored and deliriously's an indescribable blending of smoked lavender and rusty red-orange. Yet it's perfectly blendable with any color in the garden, whether it's atop a rose tree, planted in mass or nestled among your favorite perennials.

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