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Blue Lake 274 Bush Bean
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Blue Lake 274 Bush Bean

A Longtime Flavor Favorite

  • Firm texture and rich green color
  • Old-fashioned green bean flavor
  • 6- to 6½ in. stringless pods
  • High yields
  • A favorite for canning
A customer favorite year after year, Blue Lake 274 Bush Bean bears heavy yields of slender, dark green, stringless pods. Cook these snap beans fresh and enjoy their firm texture and old-fashioned, rich green bean flavor. You'll also have plenty for canning so you'll get a taste of summer in mid-winter. Blue Lake's seeds develop slowing and the 6- to 6 1/2 in. pods stay smooth. Plants exhibit disease resistance to BCMV and disease tolerance to NY15. Bush beans, sometimes called snap beans or green beans, have a rounded habit and do not require a support or trellis. They grow best when planted in full sun and in well-drained soil. 58 DAYS.
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Product Details

  • Botanical Name: Phaseolus vulgaris 'Blue Lake 274'; Family: Fabaceae/Leguminosae (Bean Family).
  • Height: 12 - 22 inches.
  • Spacing: Sow 1 inch apart, thin plants to 2 - 3 inches apart, 24 - 36 inches between rows.
  • Depth: 1 - 1.5 inches.
  • Spread: 12 - 18 inches
  • Light Required: Full sun.
  • Pollinator: Self pollinating.
  • Yield: 120 lbs. per 100 foot row.
  • Foliage: Green foliage.
  • Fruit: Dark green pods with white seeds, stringless.
  • Days To Maturity: 58 days.
  • Zone: 3 - 9 annual.
  • Germination: 6 - 10 days.
  • Form: Annual. Upright, no staking required.
  • Flower Form: Small white flowers.
  • Soil Requirements: Rich, well-drained soil; pH 6.0-6.8.
  • Growth Rate: Medium growth rate.
  • Seed Count: 2 oz. packet is approximately 150 seeds, 1/2 lb. is approximately 600 seeds and 2 lbs. is approximately 2400 seeds.
  • Pruning: None needed.
  • Size: 6 to 6 1/2 inch pod length.
  • Comments: The favored canning bean. Disease resistant to BCMV. Disease tolerant to NY15. Low in fiber. Slow seed development. Produces heavy crops over a long season.

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