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Pacas Coffee Plant Video

Sarah Negly is right by a gorgeous Pacas coffee plant that's just started fruiting, discussing the plant's structure and growth culture.


Hi, this is Sarah Negly with Gurney's. Today we're looking at this gorgeous Pacas coffee plant. This is a house plant, you can keep it in your house all winter long and you want to move it out onto your patio in this spring and leave it out there all summer. It's got year-round interest with these bright, dark, green glossy leaves. It gets gorgeous, fragrant, white flowers and then, finally, these bright red berries. You can see it has this great compact, bushy habit. What makes it different from your typical Arabica plants is that Pacas has these really short, inter nodes, making the leaves close together, giving it this full bushy look so right now we have the coffee berries ripening, all over the plant, absolutely gorgeous, and next we're going to be doing a video on how to harvest and use these berries which are actually your coffee beans. So stay tuned for the next video.


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