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How to Grow Wisteria Vine as a Tree Video

Felix, Gurney's resident horticulture expert shows how you can grow wisteria vines into a tree form. Learn the secrets of properly supporting and training the vines to create the right framework for a gorgeous tree shape.


Hi, Felix here with Gurney's and I'm standing by a tree wisteria. It's really, all wisterias can be trained into a tree form and when you buy them most of the tree types will be already trained into a longer chute, with some branching at the top. So normally they'll be about three, three and a half feet. Tall and they'll be trained on a piece of bamboo to a single cane and then they'll be kind of a branching top to it and that's what you'll get. But the important thing early in its life is that you keep it trained on to some kind of trellising or if you have a stake into it, like a piece of conduit or a piece of larger bamboo, that you can train these canes along and let them Mature to the point that they can self support, and what we have here is a younger version. We've actually trained two of them intertwining two varieties, so we can get two colors here on one tree form and that's this matures it'll be kind of nice, because these two canes here, these two vine portions, your vines, not canes, excuse me but they're intertwined and they're going to self support, I think I'd give this one, maybe two or three more years, and then we can take this T post out and our trellising are mounting mechanism off, and this is just an indication of the early stage and a mid stream actually of Training these into tree form and I'll, show you here in a bit we'll walk right over and look at an older specimen and how nice they look after you've, trained them into that tree form and taken away the support. So here we walked over we're at our research garden. We've walked over, and this is a specimen we've had in here for about ten years, just a little bit more than ten years, and you can see, we have a really nice trunk, and all that is is an older initial thing that started out about pencil thickness And that's what you get when you receive them in the mail is about a pencil that came trained to a leader and that's what we have here. This one is about 18 inches off the ground, maybe 24 inches off the ground, where we actually let it branch - and you can see that these came come out and make a really nice framework here for this tree wisteria. It's absolutely gorgeous and they're winding, there's a little pruning that needs to be done every year. You can see that the buds are swelling beautifully. We're going to have a really nice show this year on this wisteria tree, and it just adds some real beauty to a landscape, and you can wow people with if you have a tree type wisteria when you know that really it's just been trained and cultivated for A few years, so you have a nice strong trunk on your to support your vine, everyone. So here we are a month after the last video portion on this wisteria. You can see just how gorgeous it is in full bloom. It's really something spectacular and when we have school tours here at the research facility, the kids just love running in to the base here and standing underneath this wisteria tree and just remember when you get your wisteria vine, you can train it just into this true form. With just a piece of conduit or something, you can train that vine up to a tree trunk form, let it mature and eventually you can take that training mechanism out and you can have this beautiful wisteria tree in your yard. Thanks for joining us here at Gurney's.


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