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How to Grow Onions from Seed Video

Sarah from Gurney's Seed and Nursery talks you through the various steps involved in growing onions in your garden, discussing how to plant, harvest and store them.


Hi, I'm Sarah with Gurney's and today we're looking at onions. These onions were sowed several weeks ago from onion sets and as you can see, they're already up and happy. Onions are a nice crop and you can plant them first thing in the spring as soon as you can get out in your garden. You can just kind of heave them in even if it's muddy or cold or wet so they're one of the easiest things to get out early and they like the cold and you can plant them...You want them about two to four inches apart but if you want to plant them a little closer together, you can pull some of the smaller ones earlier on and use them as green onion, and rows are usually about twelve to eighteen inches apart. A lot of people do a double row, these are just planted in a single row, and onions are ready to harvest when the tops are dying back. You'll get sort of a crease at the bottom and you can pull them out and let them dry in the garden for about two to three days. If it's going to be drier, then you want to lay them out on a newspaper for a couple of weeks in a dry, dark area and eventually you want to cut back the stalk to about an inch-an inch and a half from the bulb, clean them up and lay them in trays and keep them dark and as cool as you can and a lot of them will last you right through the winter that way.


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