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New Vegetables

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  • Gurney’s Choice
    Simply Irresistible™ Hybrid Sweet Corn
    Simply Irresistible™ Hybrid Sweet Corn
    We've been growing Simply Irresistible in our test gardens for the past three years—and it has consistently surpassed other varieties in... More
    $19.99 – $249.99
  • Hardy Tarty™ Rhubarb
  • Early Prince Hybrid Pumpkin
  • Smooth Criminal Hybrid Summer Squash
  • Heirloom Cutting Leaf Lettuce Mixture
  • Padoc Hybrid Cabbage
  • Seychelles Pole Bean
  • Napoli Hybrid Carrot
  • Flamethrower Mix Hybrid Hot Pepper
  • Red Baron Bunching Onion
  • Gurney's® Salsa Hybrid Hot Pepper
  • Bailey Virginia Peanut

    Bailey Virginia Peanut

    $2.99 – $14.99
  • Acadia Hybrid Spinach
  • Max's Gold Hybrid Summer Squash
  • Armenian Cucumber
  • Harvest Wings Hybrid Gourd
  • Hestia Hybrid Brussels Sprouts
  • Omero Hybrid Cabbage
  • French Quarter Pink Hybrid Okra
  • Aji Rico Hybrid Hot Pepper

    Aji Rico Hybrid Hot Pepper

    $5.99 – $16.99
  • Pablo Hybrid Beet

    Pablo Hybrid Beet

    $3.99 – $9.99
  • Allure Hybrid Sweet Corn (sy)
  • Grow Tub® Raised Bed
  • Top Bunch Hybrid Collards
  • Gherking Pickler Hybrid Cucumber
  • Green Beauty Snow Pea
  • Flash Baby Leaf Mix Lettuce
  • Perfected Detroit Beet

    Perfected Detroit Beet

    $2.99 – $12.99
  • Catnip


  • Lemon Balm
  • Microgreen Growing Kit
  • Organic Arugula Microgreens
  • Organic Beet Microgreens
  • Organic Broccoli Brassica Blend Microgreens
  • Organic Kale Microgreens
  • Organic Mustard Oriental Wasabi Microgreens
  • Organic Radish Microgreens
  • Adjustable Plant Ties
  • $0.00
  • Organic Ancient Eastern Sprouts Blend
  • Organic Spring Salad Sprouts
  • Organic Alfalfa Sprouts
  • Out of Stock Turk's Turban Gourd

    Turk's Turban Gourd

    Notify when Available
  • Out of Stock Aladin Gourd

    Aladin Gourd

    Notify when Available
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What new vegetables varieties are offered for home gardeners?

Each year, our Gurney's research team grows and tests new vegetable varieties at its research farm in Ohio as well as other locations. We record how the plants grow and how they stand up to the elements, diseases and pests. We also conduct lots of taste tests. Our newest varieties are winners for garden performance and flavor—and are great for gardeners to grow in the home garden.


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