Reachables® Dwarf Fruit Trees

Reachables® Dwarf Fruit Trees from Gurney's

Reachables® Dwarf Fruit Trees produce full-sized fruits on smaller trees. That makes it easier to grow fruit trees into your garden, orchard, or even a container. Thanks to state-of-the-art rootstock technology, these trees stay manageable, allowing one person to prune, spray, net and harvest the tree—all while standing on the ground. No ladders required! At Gurney's, we work with top fruit tree breeders throughout the country, so our Reachables fruit trees offer the best in taste, disease resistance and garden performance. When selecting dwarf fruit trees for sale, count on Reachables Dwarf Fruit Treess for taste and garden performance.

Choosing the Right Reachables Fruit Tree

When selecting Reachables Dwarf Fruit Treess for sale online, first consider your garden space. All fruit trees prefer full sun (6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily) and well-drained soil. Next, select the type of fruit you want to grow. When selecting dwarf fruit trees, note that some require or perform better with another fruit tree for pollination. When narrowing down your dwarf fruit tree selections, consider flavor, ripening time and disease resistance.

Reachables: Getting the Most out of Your Dwarf Fruit Trees

Growing a Reachables Dwarf Fruit Tree is much like growing a standard-sized tree--only easier and more manageable.

Getting Started with Dwarf Fruit Trees

The first step to growing Reachables Dwarf Fruit Treess from Gurney's is to put away your ladder. You won't need it! Here are tips for planting, pruning and fertilizing your Gurney's Reachables tree.

How to Plant Dwarf Fruit Trees

Whether planting a bareroot or potted Reachables Dwarf Fruit Tree, start by digging a hole that is large enough to accommodate all of the roots. Place the tree in the hole, spreading out the roots and making sure the graft or bud union (swollen area on the trunk that is about 4-6 inches above the roots) is 1-2 inches above the soil surface (after settling). Backfill the hole with dirt. Water well. Stake the tree and place a protective barrier around its trunk.

When to Plant Reachables Dwarf Fruit Trees

Dwarf fruit trees can be planted in the spring or fall.

How to Prune Reachables Fruit Trees

During the first few years, very little pruning is needed. When pruning, remove crossed or injured limbs or any branches which rub against each other. This allows light into the center of the tree.

When to Prune Dwarf Fruit Trees

Prune trees in late winter or early spring.

When to Fertilize Reachables Fruit Trees

The best time to fertilize your Reachables Dwarf Fruit Treess is in early spring. Fertilizing in late spring or summer is discouraged because it may stimulate late summer growth, making the tree more susceptible to winter injury.

Harvesting Fruit from Reachables

Because Reachables Dwarf Fruit Treess stay small but produce full-sized fruit, harvesting is easy and can be done while standing on the ground.

How Long Will it Take for Fruit Trees to Bear Fruit?

Reachables start bearing fruit quickly. While some have been known to bear fruit in the first year after planting, it's common for them to bear fruit in the second year.

What Time of Year Do I Harvest Dwarf Fruit Trees?

Gruney's Reachables Dwarf Fruit Trees are ready for harvest about the same time as their standard-sized counterparts. The exact time will vary with the fruit type and variety.