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Zone 6 Fruits & Fruit Trees

Are you interested in the best fruit to plant in garden zone 6? Gurney's has you covered with our wide selection of quality zone 6 fruit trees and fruits for planting. Add beautiful, tasty fruit to your garden landscape, today!

The Best Fruit Trees for Zone 6

Zone 6 is a great zone for growing fruit trees, and home gardeners have a wide selection of choices. Some of the best fruit trees to grow in zone 6 are:When selecting fruit trees to plant in zone 6, check the individual variety of fruit tree to make sure it is suitable for zone 6.

When to Plant Fruit Trees in Zone 6

In zone 6, fruit trees can be planted in the spring or fall. Bareroot fruit trees are usually planted in March and April while they are still dormant, and potted fruit trees may be planted into May. In the fall, potted fruit trees are generally planted in September and October.

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