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Rocket Root

Introducing Rocket RootTM Trees

  Our innovative concept in proper pear and cherry tree shipping is based on keeping the single most important tree components (roots!) intact and viable. Pears and cherries, in particular, produce larger root laterals than other fruit trees. Trees dug with a majority of these roots undamaged perform much, much better than those whose roots have been severely cut back.

  • Pruned at proper height, 30" above bud union, to encourage branching habit that results in strong tree structure (strengthens crotch of the tree- no splitting)

  • This pruning also results in easier management for the entire life of the tree- more branches within easy reach

  • More stored carbohydrates in the roots creates more rapid growth with reserve energy to overcome hostile planting conditions (lack of watering, poorly drained soil, poor soil fertility, etc.)

  • Dense system of feeder roots means less transplant shock, and enables extremely efficient absorption of water and nutrients from the soil

  • Trees become well established much quicker, which makes for quicker fruit production.


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