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How to grow dwarf fruit trees at home

Imagine plucking ripe, juicy fruits from container plants on your patio and enjoying them right away, in the comfort of your own home. That's what you'll get to do when you grow any of Gurney's dwarf fruit trees. Whether it's Dwarf Banana or Dwarf Venous Orange, you'll be able to pull fresh fruit right off the vine. Say goodbye to supermarket fruit.

Just how do you grow a dwarf fruit tree at home, though? How do you reap the rewards of fresh fruit on demand? It's easy. After you select the type of tree, pick an area that gets full sunlight. Partial shade is acceptable for certain varieties, so make sure you know which variety is best suited for the area of your home you've selected. Something else to keep in mind: certain varieties are self-pollinating, and certain varieties are cross-pollinating and will need other varieties of the same species planted nearby to promote fruit growth.

Pruning is only occasionally needed for a container-grown fruit tree, in order to maintain its natural shape. Prune your tree during its dormant period, right before it begins growing in spring. Occasional pruning at other times of the year may be done as you see fit.

Watering should only be done as needed. The amount is dependent on a few factors: fruit tree species, container size and type, and any surrounding plants. Allow the soil to dry some before you water it. Fertilizer should be used approximately once every 5 weeks regardless of the plant type to encourage proper growth. Upsizing the container for fruit tree plants every 2-3 years is recommended.


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