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Shade Champ Grass Seed
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Shade Champ Grass Seed

Thrives Where Most Grass Won't

  • Grows in full shade
  • Mix of fescues and rye grass
  • Ideal for planting under trees
  • Sow in spring or fall
  • 1 lb. covers 150 sq. ft.
Shade Champ Grass Seed thrives where many other grasses don't—even in full shade. It's ideal for planting in front of the north side of buildings or under trees. Shade Champ is a mix of Creeping Red Fescue, Pennlawn Red Fescue, Chewings Red Fescue and Pizzazz Rye Grass. This cool season grass mixture can be sown in the early spring or early fall. One pound of seed covers approximately 150 square feet. When sowing Shade Champ Grass Mix, apply a basic lawn fertilizer at application time. Cover with a thin layer of mulch, sawdust or straw. Water evenly to allow for good germination. After the seed germinates and grass begins growing, water 1-2 inches every week until the grass is established. Zones 3-7.
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Product Details

  • Botanical Name: Creeping Red Fescue - Festuca rubra ssp. Rubra, Chewings Fescue - Festuca rubra ssp. Commutata; Pennlawn Red Fescue - Festuca rubra `Pennlawn', Pizzazz Rye Grass - Lolium perenne 'Pizzazz' Lolium perenne.
  • Height: 3 - 10 inches.
  • Spacing: 1 lb. seeds 150 square feet.
  • Depth: Top 1/2 inch of soil.
  • Spread: N/A
  • Light Required: Full sun to full shade.
  • Yield: N/A
  • Foliage: Green foliage.
  • Fruit: N/A
  • Days To Maturity: N/A
  • Zone: 3-7
  • Germination: 3 - 10 days.
  • Form: Perennial.
  • Soil Requirements: Any well-drained soil.
  • Growth Rate: Grows quickly.
  • Seed Count: N/A
  • Size: N/A
  • Comments: Germination occurs in a hurry. One pound seeds 150 square feet. Cool season type grass.

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